why i didn’t write this blog entry

there are so many things i have wanted to blog about lately… interesting topics that would stir conversation and entertain many of you for hours… like how i think i am almost over my apparent obsession with arguing about the deposit-driven beverage container recycling system here; how routine environments help flourish inside humor and why inside jokes are important; how i am going to go out, buy, and learn, how to play guitar; how i am now a card carrying member of (the evil) costco; how i have made my blog load faster by removing all javascript and tables; how i am in need for a new and refined wardrobe; how i spent 3 evenings in-a-row socializing with other actual real people; and how i did many, many other things that, if i wrote about them, you blog-reading folk could have fed off of for… like i said… hours… but instead… i unintentional (of course) neglect you all… and only share these items in local and offline conversation.

ps. this blog entry kinda reminds me of my grade 8 speech, which broke-free from my then warn ‘story-driven’ type speeches that i had presented since grade 4… so i think i’ll name this post after it… “why i didn’t write this speech” blog entry”

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