hey, it’s friday, and i am sitting here in the office alone as usual… i guess i could work from home fridays like everyone else… but well.. i’d be alone at home too.. and more than likely, i’d feel even more lonesome there…

anyways, right now i have my old skool mit hoody on (which is nothing like any of these), my headphones pumped, and i am slowly working on becoming over-caffeinated, thanks to the unlimited supply of coffee that resides just steps away from my designated work area…

after a few more coffees i am planning on making it over to one of the offices i provide tech support for.. to set up their new macs for them… nothing overly exciting there.. except the joy that comes from opening apple’s sexy packaging… (which to be honest, doesn’t really excite me anymore – it’s just cardboard!)

and this weekend, i have no plans.. nothing to do except continue pondering purchasing an xbox 360 (which i don’t think i am actually going to buy); finding a new, fun and exciting hobby; or maybe just getting lost in a book, some movies, or a real-life maze… and not one of those mazes made out of trimmed cedar trees, but one that is so real and enormous… that it could be called life itself…


play golf!
on fridays!
that will fix both your probs!

2006.03.24 12:33 pm

Fun things to do.

1. Pop some popcorn without putting the lid on, don’t forget to duck.

2. Make a “have done” list of things.

3. Fill out your income tax return using ancient hieroglyphics.

4. Leaf through “National Geographic” and draw moustaches on all the animals if they haven’t got one yet.

5. Go shopping. Buy everything you want. Return it the next day.

6. Find out what ants in a blender really looks like.

7. Read the dictionary upside down and look for secret messages. (my favorite)

8. Write a short story using alphabet cereal.

9. Make up a new language and ask people for directions while speaking it.

2006.03.26 10:39 am

i think i’d prefer crystal’s suggestion as a regular friday activity a little more than your suggestions Firefish… sorry.. it’s just kuz drinking beers, driving a cart at max speed, and shooting balls… is always a recipe for a good time!

2006.03.26 1:30 pm

i wish i had your problem… maybe you could write some of my essays for me if you’re so bored.

2006.03.26 5:51 pm

By the way, the modifications to your blog background is psychedelic.

2006.03.26 9:08 pm

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