pizza delivery

hey last night i ordered some food in, for the first while living at this apartment… i’ve resisted trying to do this in the past, since i had no buzzer for the delivery person to buzz.. but last week, or maybe two weeks ago now.. i had my property manager hook my buzzer up… so now i am in business.

my first delivery was from pizza hut… since i was craving a ‘the edge-works’ and also since i wanted to try out their online ordering… (which they had in the 90s and no one used it, so i think they got rid of it, but it’s back now as it should be)

anyways, online ordering is not as personal or fun as calling to flirt and order your pizza.. but it is nice to see the specials displayed in a static form instead of asking for them and then trying to rhyme them off to your friends.. and then saying.. ok.. i’ll call you back.. and then calling back to make your order.. so i guess you lose a little to get a little.. or something… 😛

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