the sociocultural factor

well that was interesting… i awoke fairly early this morning and had an urge to get out and do something… at first, i thought of renting a bicycle and riding around stanley park… but then i figured it may be better to save that for day with a little less overcast…

and then moments later, it dawned on me.. it’s sunday… and what do some people do on sunday.. “mmm… church… i’ll goto church!” so i messaged my sister and we laughed at the thought of it together for a while… and i did some googling to find a church around here, then i shaved, showered, put my ‘sunday clothes’ on, and headed down to Holy Rosary Cathedral for mass…

this was something i had not done since grade school, when i purposely broke-free from organized religion (and decided not to receive the sacrament of confirmation – something then, and probably still, unheard of for a student in a catholic school)

anyways, my spontaneity, the ceremony, the nearly forgotten procedures, and especially the protests outside on the sidewalk, all helped to create an interesting event to partake in…


Church? WOW! Maybe you just had a craving to see a woman down on her knees. Happy Easter Joe!

2006.04.16 7:15 pm

The one place that serves free brunches for the soul, feeds the hunger of curiosity and much more…

2006.04.16 9:39 pm

protests? about what?

2006.04.17 3:17 pm

alley.. i think you may be close to finding the real truth… damn yer good…  and jordan…not really sure.. but the guy with the bullhorn was ranting something about the cathedral being on native lands and the church being guilty of murdering native children… or something along those lines… i did some googling and couldn’t find anymore info… anyone else know?

2006.04.17 3:54 pm

Ahh… the shaving for church trick. Your aren’t fooling anyone.

2006.04.18 8:22 pm

i don’t know what that means? what trick? i had some patchy stubble, so i shaved it… i don’t get it?

2006.04.25 6:53 pm

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