most important meal

hello hello, it’s just me again.. writing away.. saying hi… i’ve been über-busy at work and it’s totally draining me.. however, i did manage to have a good weekend.. friday i went out and bought me a new laptop bag.. because it was about time to say bye to my north face backpack from grade nine… and i also went out for drinks with cameron at the alibi room and with tyler at king’s head… overall had a great night… saturday, i didn’t do much.. i don’t think… and sunday i went out on a blind breakfast date, which was a refreshing change.. eating breakfast is great.. i should do it more often, because it’s the most important meal of the day you know…

You should try breakfast at midnight (wink, wink) -it gives a whole new meaning to the experience.

2006.04.26 11:36 am


So, are we going to hear about the date too?
u sound so über-cool
have a nice w/e

2006.04.28 2:40 am

Where did the word “uber” come from? All of the sudden, it is all over the internet and all the kids are saying it (sorry, not that you are kids). I suppose it means “very” or “ultra”, and it sounds Swedish. At first, I thought it was something out of an Ikea commercial.

I feel like I am not so “with it” anymore.

2006.04.29 8:52 pm

hmmm.. a midnight breakfast… that does sound appetizing…

and kat, no, no date details and thanks,

and don… close.. it’s german… and if you want to say ‘with it’… all you need is the urban dictionary…. 😉

2006.04.30 12:04 pm


über is Germnan- I think it’s very 1990’s by the way, it was used alot to describe the fashion supermodels.

2006.04.30 7:35 pm


isnt it a computer geek thing? like…uberleet haxors n stuff? hahaha i thought uber was only cool in the geeky world! hence joey using the term! 😛 i didnt know about supermodels! learn somethin new everyday!

2006.05.01 11:39 am

punks like uber too!

2006.05.02 11:30 am

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