taxable principles

today, i need to file my income taxes. sure the deadline is not until tomorrow at midnight, but i feel i have already put this off for far too long. you see, it’s unusual for me not to enjoy doing my taxes, since in the past, i have always been amused by the documents that need to be aggregated through this formal and complex system of calculations, and how one slight variation of a single entry can result in vast disparities.

maybe all this dawdling is just a result of my subconscious acceptance to paying income tax, and an acknowledgment that my participation in the filing process, could only bring more complication my way. in other words… my taxes are taken off each pay at the appropriate rate, determined by trained professionals… the cra already knows this, and what i make, and what i have paid them.. so why bother asking me again? do they want me, a simply layman, to err in their favour, and pay out more of my hard earned cash than necessary by law? or are they being thoughtful and simply providing me with a formal means to lie, cheat, and steal my way out of paying the required taxes? i don’t know!! shit, maybe overpaying is even a good thing to further help provide the social services and infrastructure we all need and love… i just don’t know anymore!!

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