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so, this is the third entry that i have started with ‘so’, and so what… when i look around this apartment, i get a feeling that tells me that i need some stuff on the walls, that i need some art, something kool, that i like, and that i can relate to, and that i can justify spending money on…. now, i know that my walls will not be full immediately, since that would require many bunches of cash… but i know in the end, buying some real art will be kool… now, maybe this idea of ‘acquiring’ art is stemmed from my childhood, where i was not exposed to any real art or anything expensive that represented unique thought (well, unless it had some functional use, of course).

Wing Dreamer

The only real art from your childhood is that the birth house you lived in was an example of perfection of artistic & creative expression.

As far as art being on the walls (from my recollection)it was all off beat and not mainstream society-. (Like mythology, hand made masterpieces, oil paintings by local artists, etc)

This gives you the perfect opportunity to acquire art that reflects who you are and not of the parents (wink)

2005.07.22 12:44 pm

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