america scares me

it is absolutely perfect outside in vancouver today.. nothing but sunshine, blue skies, and 21°C of sheer joy!! and here i am going to arkansas tomorrow, where i am going to:

  1. melt, kuz it’s going to be 99°F;
  2. possibly get shot, kuz we all know americans love, and yet can’t control, their firearms;
  3. imprisoned for my left wing, reasonable, thoughts and beliefs; or,
  4. simply robbed of my human rights, well, just kuz they can…

either way, i am going to feel like a fish out of water, kuz:

  1. i will be cruising around in a gas-guzzling SUV, instead of chillin’ on the bus that safely and efficiently transports 119 people at a time;
  2. i’ll be in the heart of wal-mart country, instead of being in a city that fully opposes all of wal-mart’s business practices and today, is still totally wal-mart free; and,
  3. well the obvious one, i will be a damn sexy canadian in the usa, instead of my normal… intra-canadian immigrant status.

anyways, this trip isn’t about me… it’s about ryan’s little sister who is getting married, so i hope it all goes well.. and that my visit makes everything that much better…

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