you work as a cash

getting voicemail not intended for you is often far too entertaining to keep to yourself… so enjoy my peeps… enjoy…


Now, all that remains is to remix it and layer over some beats…

2007.02.05 2:24 pm


“you keep your kid’s smokis at home” wtf is a smokis?

2007.02.07 2:06 am

I believe a ‘smokis’ is actually “small kids”.

as in “you go to work as a cash and leave your small kids at home, or I will go to the welfare office. Give me my money, and stop saying my name.”

You better call her back Joe, she sounds angry.

so, what did you do Saturday night Lindsey?

oh, just went on Velkr0’s blog and decoded angry, rambling, welfare oriented voicemail. Good times.

2007.02.10 10:47 pm

joe, you ever say anything bad or good about me i’m going to the office of the welfare.

2007.03.10 9:19 am

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