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leap year

I once wrote a blog entry on a February 29th and this is it.

Pretty awesome (and/or lame) huh?


the elephant doesn’t know

while on the bus this morning, instead of reading a local daily, a popular periodical or one of the many non-fiction hardcovers i still want to read, i kept things minimal and just read a ‘poetry in transitbanner, which are found on transit systems all over british columbia. usually in the morning, and this morning was especially an early morning, i never quite ‘get’ the poems (despite them usually being written for children), but today’s stuck (yup — it’s from a children’s book) so i thought i’d share it…. in my super-new-awesome feature, found only on these awesome and amazing internets… ‘transit ad poetry originally published in books in blogging’

here it is… written by Tiffany Stone, from the book Baaaad Animals, © 2006, Tradewind Books…. enjoy.

Don’t Give a Magnet to an Elephant

Don’t give a magnet to an elephant.
He won’t handle it with care.
He’ll hold it high up in the sky
and pull planes out of the air.
He’ll get it stuck to delivery trucks
and bicycles and trains.
He’ll cause trouble at construction sites
by sticking to the cranes.
He’ll magnetize the city–
every car, bus, van and truck.
Then he’ll sneak home to the jungle
and leave everyone stuck.

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