The National

Tonight on the National they had a “Your Turn with Jack Layton”.
This was the first of 3 of these “Your Turn” specials dedicated to get Canadians asking the leaders questions.

During the broadcast Peter had asked for Canadians to send their questions for the other leaders (well just Paul and Stephen)

So here is the the question I sent.

Realizing that it is important to Canadian’s that our unique culture
and identity is appreciated, shared and continually strengthened.
If elected, what will the Conservative party do to ensure that our
national public broadcaster, the CBC, will continue to speak for Canadians?

Now, I just have to wait for the CBC to reply….
I’ll keep you posted….

damn… spelling mistake… should be “continually strenghtened” !!! grr

thanks andrew!!!

2004.06.02 12:05 pm

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