Canada Day!!

Hey, it’s almost Canada Day again.

There once was a time in my life when this day was the most important day in the year for me.
Way better than my birthday, halloween, and even christmas!!

But, I don’t think canada day has this importance to me anymore.
Not really sure what it is… maybe the fact that people never understood the importance of it to me.. or maybe.. just the fact… that really canada day means nothing…

Sure it’s fucken awesome that we live in canada, a country that allows us to be who we are and reach our goals… but… being ‘flag crazy’ seems just crazy to me now… canada is more than a flag… it’s ‘us’… it’s what we all believe.. and feel.. and participate in… it’s all around us everyday… the flag is just for the rest of the world.. so they can have a emblem that is canadian… we don’t need one… we can be proud of canada without the flag or the maple leaf… or as a matter of fact… beer.. and tim horton’s… relating canada to tim horton’s is just bullshit… fuck some stupid corporation.. who sells crap ass coffee to the 30 million of us everyday… and none of us really like timmies… we just go… kuz its there… its easy… and shit man… its hard to find coffee other than timmies… on campus alone.. there is something like 17 tim hortons… thats nuts!!! why not, ‘joe blow coffee shop’?? why the fuck does it have to be timmies… anyways… tomorrow is canada day… and show your pride tomorrow just as you should everyday!


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