i’d let you bum a smoke

the act of bumming a smoke is not really that out of place. it’s an act of kindness, when the moocher is sincere in their bumming… meaning they do not bum smokes just to save cash.. but rather bum a smoke since they ran out or usually don’t smoke… i think smokers are just all around more approachable people… they are used to talking to one another… they look after each other… they share a common interest (or addiction)… they understand what it’s like when you can’t find your lighter… i am not saying non-smokers are not nice people, i think anyone that is willing to share something of theirs is a nice person…. like if you go to someone’s house and they offer you a beer… they are nice! but if they offer you water when they have beer… they are not that nice… i think it’s important to share! everyone should share! if everyone shared, then everyone would be able to have something when they need it… it’s a matter of karma! but sharing simply because you want someone to share something with you.. is wrong… (unless it’s a trade of some sort)…. so next time someone is at your house… offer them a beer, a sandwich, or even that t-bone steak you’ve been saving… it will make you feel good and it will allow you to have something in common: being nice.


thoughts? hmmm…. i wonder what i am going to talk about right now… i don’t really have a topic in mind, but rather just a craving to make an entry to my world famous blog. yes, world famous! i can make such a claim because this blog can be accessed anywhere in the world!! that’s right… this blog, or online journal can be read by anyone in the world… of course i am assuming that anyone in the world can have WWW access… which isn’t 100% true.. but ohh well… i want to pretend it is…. so anyways… how about those pen chewers… i am one of them… not really sure why i enjoy chewing on pens… other than the simple fact that they pacify me… and entertain me as well!! ummm…

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