aeroplane flies high

well there is two “quotes” that i enjoy in the song ‘aeroplane flies high’ performed by smashing pumpkins (written by billy corgan)… and they are as follows:

1) if i knew where i was going, i’d already be there.
2) i’ve always been afraid to die, but i think i am more afraid to live.

these lyrics can be interpreted many different ways (i assume)… but the way i see it…
the first one means… that my life is my life… that i am currently living my life… and if my life were to be any different, it already would be… i would have already made the changes… i would of already progressed to this ‘new’ place to go.

the second one… well.. umm… just means that i am unable to make the changes in life, that will let life progress. these changes ‘should’ be made… because without them you are not really living… but this ties in with the fact that i dunno where i am going… so i can’t make the changes to ‘be there’…

so is it that i am afraid to make the changes or that i dunno what changes to make? or that i should not be afraid to live… and that i should be where i am going?

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