on my plate

it’s time… july is almost over.. ryan is getting married on saturday… and there is 1 month of summer left… i am starting to enter the right mindset to start studying for the lsat… while simultaneously continuing the job hunt… there may be a part time weekend position coming up.. which will last for 9 weeks… this is very poor timing … since i will want to focus this time on the lsat… however… maybe this extra responsibility will get be back on track and focused… in other words… goal-oriented. i am kinda of excited about practising and writing the lsat… it will be good to get my logical and analytical reasoning ability up…. also with the potential part time job.. it will give me some more work experience… but who knows right now… i need to get a hold of ryan.. so i can figure out where the wedding is so i can show up for rehearsal 🙂

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