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damn… i am really enjoying this sufjan stevens album greetings from michigan: the great lake state…. it is very mellow.. and peaceful… and fun… there are other albums sorta like this.. using some of the same styles… but this album has something original about it… check it out if you get a chance.


do u have a sample of their music?

2004.09.22 3:21 am

i would say use iTunes and iTMS to get a sample.. but iTMS doesn’t currently offer this album… so you could most likely find a sample at or even find a sample using your favourite p2p software…

The record is stacked with impressive space for Stevens’ shimmering geography, and it manages a melancholy beauty; Michigan is a frost-bound tone poem in which average people live out their victories and defeats with a shadowy, dignified grace.

also check out the full review at pitchfork

2004.09.22 6:52 pm

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