blockquotes and tv trash

well i want to test out how blockquotes are going to look… i don’t think i have used one yet to date.. but they are handy and i am sure i will use them in the future… so here it goes, here is a quote from ‘The economy of televised trash and class‘ by Charles Demers:

But to complain endlessly about this bottom-of-the-barrel, becleavaged decline of civilization is to miss the fact that television is offering some real, intelligent, inspired and progressive contributions to the much-maligned, small-screen medium. Last Sunday?s Emmy awards saw top honours in their categories go to the profoundly engaging and forward-thinking Sopranos (best dramatic series, best supporting actress in a dramatic series Drea de Matteo, best supporting actor in a dramatic series Michael Imperioli) and Jon Stewart?s hilarious, Bush-skewering Daily Show (best variety series). Both shows trade on intelligence, exposing hypocrisy, and challenging viewers instead of pandering. And both are products of the same breakdown in television responsible for Reality TV.

This was a pretty good article… check it out.

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