falling water

Well I was going through my files on my PowerBook and found a few writings from my pre-blog days. The following was written on March 26, 2004, a rainy day, and the day that, I believe, started the inspiration to write these short anecdotes.

One morning he didn’t even open his eyes. He had heard the rain and decided that there was no need open his eyes. The rain could be heard, smelt and felt in his joints. He knew that today was going to be a different day. A day where he could simply float around and fall in to his silent routine. The routine is always the same when it rains. And he feels that everyone around him has a similar routine. No one talks, no one acknowledges anyone, no one even sees any one. In public settings, he feels a sense of confusion when approaching another individual. He doesn’t know what to expect – if he should fear this person, or if this person fears him. He tries to evade this confusion by avoiding any type of contact with unknown individuals. He thinks to himself, wondering if all this weird behaviour is a result of the falling water from the sky or if it is raining since everyone feels like this.

Hot Mama


2004.10.16 9:38 pm

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