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You see, i am kind of like an old man in a way. Mainly because I like to write emails to companies and bitch about things that I don’t like. Usually they are suggestions to make their service or product better, and they should actually appreciate to hear(read) my thoughts. I think the problem lies in the fact that many email CSRs are used to taking dumb, newbie style questions, so when they read mine, they dismiss it as such. However, when they reply with the generic, drag ‘n drop reply that sets me off. I like sincere answers to my questions and I would like my suggestions to be considered. I could provide some examples of some emails that I send, but write so many, I wouldn’t which ones to share (but here is a good example of how a company should reply to one of my emails: RSS and the CBC).

So basically, I am saying that I hate the generic reply email and I strongly feel that if a company is going to offer email support, they better answer the questions asked and do it in a timely manner.

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