a friendship

A matter of acceptance, understanding and respect.
A pact where two people act freely and enjoy each other.
A bond that is nurtured and cannot be easily ignored.
A link to an essential human role.


Very well said! The only part that’s cloudy (and maybe you meant for it to be that way) is the last line. A link to an essential human role. So when you say ‘link’ do you mean the link you have with your friend? And the ‘essential human role’ would come from that? Or is the link supposed to be to an entirely different kind of relationship?
Does this make any sense?

2004.10.09 11:45 am


That last line kind of confuses me too and doesn’t properly maintain the flow. I think it is mainly because the first 3 lines can simply describe ‘a friendship’…

Whereas, the last line suggests that ‘friendship’ is more than having ‘a friend’. ‘Friendship’ becomes a fundamental human attribute, through the bond it creates.

So yeah, you got it, the essential human role is a result of the link. But yeah, that is pretty cloudy!!

2004.10.09 2:42 pm

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