something worthless, deceptive, or insincere.

Well, I decided it was time to engage in some sort of American political discourse tonight, mind you in was through, my friend and yours, the television. But give me a break… that is what the debate is all about… reaching out to the masses via the American broadcast networks. So I simply laid there and passively watched two grown men bicker about bullshit. It is all bullshit! Even the ‘expert’ analysis of the debate is bullshit. All a televised debate does is give the American people the ability to come to an informed decision based on the looks, memory, body language, and speaking ability of a person. Sure many would argue this makes a good leader, but isn’t the debate about the platforms and policies that are going to be extended/implemented to benefit the American people? Shouldn’t the public make a choice based on what affects them individually as well as society as a whole? There is more to an election than a leader!! Fuck it!!! It’s all bullshit!!!

The only time when my passivity was broken was at the mention of Canada. I heard it twice… First… about the flu shot… Bush said Canada was to the rescue and will share some flu shots. Bush was urging American’s not to get the shot if they are young and healthy, in other words all American’s do not have the choice to be protected. Second, was when Kerry said he would allow American’s to purchase inexpensive drugs from Canada – like this is some magic cure. It’s all bullshit!! Especially when you hear Bush say that federally funded health care results in poor health care… then why the fuck are they calling Canada to the rescue?? I can’t say much on the health care topic… mainly because I don’t want to write an essay (which would be required to get all the facts straight), and we in Canada are not immune to problems, but either way televised debates are bullshit!

hopped up on the sugar

i dunno what i was thinking this morning, but instead of my usual black coffee… i loaded it with sugar… sugar is a magical morning substance when combined with caffeine… but i have all this energy and i have nothing to do… wait.. i think i just crashed…. nap time.

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