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road closed, this is a sign, that can mean so much. It is a sign that everyone encounters… a sign that people respect, that people understand…. that people can contribute to the meaning of the guideline. fuck this world, fuck dreaming, fuck writing your own, words…. all you need is an idea…. and an image of how to make this image/idea….. i wish i had the connections that i should…. i wish those girls were there for me……..

close the sale

I could have talked to her for hours. She was the girl that could listen yet still be oddly attracted to me. I was oddly attracted to her. She was a tall, blonde, with a great personality. She was happy to be talking to me, so she brushed off the other d00ds that were trying to pick her up. She wanted to be with me. She picked me, but only because I choose her. I ignored the rain and talked to her. I talked to her friends; as they brushed me off… I persisted with her and she respected that, she wanted the attention, she wanted me to want her, and she knew that she would be happy with me. But then the ride came… and this world is efft, so yeah.. it fucks me over everytime…. But yeah, I could have talked, played, enjoyed, that girl for hours only if i chose to, only if i risked my ride to home (somewhere warm)…. fuck the logic… and the reason… i should of played the odds…. i should be happy right now…. i should be with a friend, a someone….. not the fucken computer……. fuck this….. fuck you blog readers.. (i don’t mean that…… i love you guys.. i need you guys….. i respect your opinion…. ) fuck fuck fuck… it’s so easy to entertain… it’s so easy to do what so many people have problems with…… but with me… no worries….. i can do it all.. but close the sale.

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