spider webs

The spider webs have nearly annexed every corner of the room. They have connected every deviation and linked the secluded fragments of the room with a mesh of idleness. This produces an almost eerie feeling; the fact that a human routine typically cannot hinder the web. They go untouched, undisturbed, and are usually unnoticed. This mesh resides in life, existing in parallel, resistant to the human effects, and immune to the dilemmas that we all endure. Yet, the spider web has its purpose; it maintains its goal and captures the insects needed for the spiders’ survival; unless someone walks through one, seeing as they immediately become compelled to peel the silk from their face.


Are you the spider, the web or the insects? Whatever you identify in your observation is a reflection of how you feel about your world around you right now. YOU can be the spider blindly spinning your web with no effort and sit back and watch the food come to you. Or YOU can take risks and be like the insects by walking into the webs – if you do that use something the insect doesn’t have a brain to think. Or you can be the web — by product of every freaking spider in the world…….and watch the insects walk all over you to get to their particular destiny. ( Yes, there is a simultaneous realities for all the kingdoms on the earth. For example, I don’t think a spider knows what you are thinking or planning to do and yet we as humans know all about the spider’s entire life span. That clearly indicates we have the intelligence to understand- by using this understanding we need to live up to our full potential as a human being with unlimited abilities.)

2004.10.19 12:12 pm

I am not a spider, a web or an insect. I am a person who has, in the past, walked into a cobweb. If we humans have unlimited abilities then why can?t we avoid the web? Why do we occasionally get ?caught?? And are we less human for it (which your comment suggests)?

2004.10.19 12:59 pm


My suggestion is that spiders, webs and insects can be a symbolism of something going…… It is significant that you are able to think so deeply- your thoughts are reflecting that you are searching for an answer (in my humble opinion) and yet your last sentence of original piece contains profound insight. Sometimes when people can’t figure out problems/issues/etc. the different critters from the other kingdoms can offer us clues to finding answers. Their world is uncomplicated, simple and their abilities are limited. We have all walked into cobwebs and if anyone says they haven’t then they are still in the cobweb and can’t see out. Lack of control and to some degree experience contributes to humans getting “caught” in the web. If we had all the answers we would not be humans we would be evolving in the afterlife (the spiritual realm – and even there it is a process). We are totally human when we get caught in webs, however the difference is we have the potential to discover our unlimited abilities and when we tap into that we can avoid some of these cobwebs. Your written piece moved me……..I searched within myself to really think about the question you posed. I am not suggesting it is less human for walking into cobwebs – I am suggesting that we have intelligence and understanding unlike the insects that do get caught in the web everytime. The spider’s full potential is to spin the web, trap the insect and wait for the food for its survival. If a person gets caught in a cobweb and recognizes it – then there is the utilization of intelligence and understanding. To be able to even come up with that acknowledgment clearly shows there is more potential still to be discovered. Each discovery leads to the next. You could starts spinning your own web………….or perhaps this has already begun.

2004.10.19 4:37 pm

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