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I can’t do it… the ad’s haven’t even been on here for a day, and I have decided to remove them. I realized how illogical it is to voluntarily have ads on my own private site. The ads are gone, sorry for selling out there for a minute.

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It is kind of a contradiction with what is supposed to encourage and support. It is actually pretty cheesy, seeing what ads are generated based on ‘target’ words found within my writings, but you see I didn’t do it for the money. I have incorporated google ads into the secondary pages of for the purpose of education and for the experience. I needed to use a site that generates sufficient traffic (thank you all), and a site that has content that is constantly changing. The ads really do provide a dirty feeling, like seeing ads for pest control and spider traps under my last post ‘spider webs‘. Fuck what have I done!! I hate the ‘Advertising Supplements’ found in many of the magazines that I subscribe to, and now, I have included one of my own… hmmm… We’ll give it a try for a bit… feel free to bitch me out. But hey.. what if I donate 100% of the revenue generated to some good cause, I wonder if that would me/it less dirty… hmmmm

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