up and up [anew]

it’s all good, up and up.. interview tomorrow for a job i really want and deserve… i just need to organize my thoughts, my experience and my skills, into one complete package that i can present during the interview… i am qualified for this position; i have the experience as well as the connections, so i hope it all works out for me. it would definitely be a step in the right direction to work in this position. i would enhance my connections, further my experience and alas i would become fully self-sufficient… and it would be in record time too… considering i have now been in vancouver only for two full weeks… i also have two interview on wednesday for other positions that are in my field… i am not really concerned about those, since i would love to get the job at UBC… anyway.. just wanted to keep you all posted… but for now.. i need to get organized.. and figure out how i can prove myself… something that i have been unable to do in the past… but it’s weird.. it just feels so different this time…… just so different… it’s like this time, i just know, that i am perfect for this job, it just hinges on my behaviour and actions tomorrow… anyway….

it does feel good to work again… even at 9 bucks an hour… but i know.. that once i get a pay cheque… i will be like wtf… all that work for this?!?!? and plus.. i am way over qualified for futureshop… and i don’t even utilize the skills that i have… and the interests that amuse me… so yeah…

let’s just hope tomorrow goes as it should… everything will occur as it must…. and my life will continue to flow in the path that it is… which is more or less.. up and up… actually it is up and up!!! no matter what way you look at it… i have already achieved so much more, that i would of ever in my room in delaware… and there is still so much more room to grow… up and up… it’s easy to be motivated, when you start anew…

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