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so today i choose to ditch my two other interviews to goto ubc. michelle invited me to a seminar and i figured it would be more wise of me to go to the seminar and rub some elbows, do some name drops and simultaneously demonstrate my serious interest in the position to michelle. i did meet a few people, made a few good points when called upon and yeah…

i bought an umbrella today, finally. this is a tool you cannot live without in vancouver… dre stole his back today.. so i was stuck out in the rain… it kinda sucked.. but it wasn’t that bad… my new umbrella is blue and is very compact… i went for the small size over the durability of the larger ones…

i am now sitting here wishing i was at my nerds-on-site seminar… and i would be just arriving (15 minutes late) if i jumped on the bus 2.5 hours ago… langley is far… anyway…. it would of been kool just for the information… even though i know i wouldn’t pursue any opportunities that were presented at the meeting… i think now.. i am going to hit up all the job sites again… send out another torrent of resumes… 1 step higher from last time… and see if i can get a few calls… last time.. i got… 7 call backs… from about 10 applications… so i was defiantely aiming a bit low… but now that i have a job.. (at least until then end of the year) and a good chance of scoring the job at ubc… i can raise my standards again… what else am i going to do??

i do feel like doing some writing, but i am having some serious writers block… i want to write about something meaning full, and not like the post-it notes hanging on the wall… (even tho… i think i may write about those post it notes… it will be good practise… describing them, realating them to something etc… kinda like my spiders webs, and dust entries… )

i am listening to ‘snow patrol – final straw’ right now.. and i am really enjoying it… it is kinda catchy, yet pretty lofi… just thought i’d share…

ok.. enough with this post… time to do some readings and or start writing something more ummm.. better….


You must be kidding, an actual umbrella. I guess I’m taking your Christmas present back, lol. So does like every convenience store sell bread, milk, cigarettes and umbrellas – remember that crazy idea I had a few years ago about inventing an instant umbrella.
Today was bitterly cold and it was gently snowing off and on. I couldn’t open the door on the truck. It was like sitting on top of a glacier, not much heat except from the cigarette I was smoking. I looked at the truck ahead of me with a “club” on the wheel and wonderrf if the person that owned it really thought one of the seniors would actually steal it. That struck me so funny that I started to laugh – it wasn’t that funny, just in my attitude of the moment. Have you bought those gloves yet?

2004.11.25 7:06 pm

Gloves.. no.. not yet.. it’s warm here.. i may just get some to keep the germs off my hands… even though i have become a cronic hand washer… and no.. umbrellas are not everywhere.. that’s why it took me so long to get one..

2004.11.25 8:49 pm


Funny you should say that about hand washing…..I was just reading about that. Better yet, so your skin/nails don’t become drier from the soap/water buy the little serviettes (anti-bacterial wipes) and keep them in your pockets. You can pick up a box of 24 for a couple of bucks

2004.11.26 10:41 am

yeah… its kool getting the germs off… but now that i think about it.. i think i like the hot water… maybe… warm things are great… like the hand dryer too!!

2004.11.27 8:30 pm

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