making something look beautiful?

so today, it really bothered me… it bothered me that i am in a uniform, wasting my 8.5 hours selling pointless, wasteful consumer electronics to people… it bothered me, that while i am in my uniform i cannot change the world, i have no positive effect on my life, and i am simply a robot paid minimum wage to help increase company profits. and guess what.. this is bullshit.. there is nothing kool about working at futureshop… there is no good music on, there are no real people (ones that think) that work there, and guess what… no matter how much training they give me, i will not be their profit fetcher… sure i am great with customers, they actually really enjoy talking to me and i am quite helpful… i make their futureshop experience quite pleasant.. and this is the only joy i get out of the job… i miss laugher and jokes with co-workers, that don’t involve PSP or monster cable… and the worse part PSP and monster is no joke.. i was told to get my monster numbers up today… i need to tell every customer that they need the 129 power bar and the 60 dollar cables to hook their dvd player up… and it bugs me.. kuz my managers tell me in a way that the customer needs these… but guess what… i know the real story.. i know that you are bitching at me, kuz i am not selling your most profitable products… and if i am not doing that… my ‘customer service’ quickly becomes a liability.. well fuck it.. i will do what i want, and if they don’t like it.. i guess i will be let go… and this is a risk i am will to take… if my managers are not going to be honest to me (well maybe they don’t know better).. then i am not going to spread their monster cable propaganda… i just want them to tell me straight up!!

working at futureshop is nothing to be proud of… i would have more self-respect if i worked at a city park picking up trash… at least i would be making something look beautiful… futureshop is simply ugly and totally unfulfilling.

ok ok, we need to focus on some of the benefits.. such as the networking aspects.. which in all reality, there are only like 6 kool people that work there… out of 100… i should get to know these people better… fuck.. i should be going to a party tonight with one of them… but i gots to work tomorrow… and there is no way in hell i will wake up if i go out tonight… especially since deep inside i don’t care if i get fired or not… so i better not… keeping in mind.. i will have rent to pay soon…

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