update: update from hell

update: so george came by right away this morning.. and fixed the bathtub problem.. he also turned the heat on.. so lets hope tonight is a little smoother.. since i do have to work in the AM… i have also met one of my neighbours.. mainly.. kuz i guess her heat was off last nite too.. but yeah… laundry is done.. i got sheets, towels, and yeah.. ready for work tomorrow.. i’ll keep ya all posted.. peace out for now…

update from hell

so last night was like hell… well sorta the opposite, it was fucken cold as hell… heat is suppose to be included in the fucker but its old skool hot water heat.. and its on very low.. way to cold for me.. so i guess.. i am going to buy a little electrical heater thing, and pay for it when i get the electricity bill… also about 6:30 am.. the dude upstairs took a shower.. and his water remains decided to bubble up from the drain in my bath tub.. this sucked ass… first night and all these problems.. now i have george here.. fixing the drain… and i mean fixing.. or else he is not getting decembers rent.. which is now two days late :)… the drain.. must be fixed.. that is unacceptable… the heat.. on the other hand… as long as it is 70 or 72 or what ever the minimum is set by law.. then i am shit outta luck.. its my fault… for deciding to take a place with heat i can’t control.. allison did warn me about this… but i guess i don’t listen.. especially when i am with dre and he seems to not have an attention for detail at first sight… well.. at least i have internet now.. and a powerbook that heats up.. so that will keep me warm… ohh yeah.. and if i get some thick curtains.. to cover up these blinds.. and the paper thin windows.. then that should block some of the cold too.. peace out for now… must go get some coffee… i’d make some.. but i don’t have any mugs/cups.. heheh l8r

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