surrealistic event; fucked. i’m sorry.

’tis a sad day, feelings of pain, regret, fear and; fuck, this sucks man… that girl deserved so much more… i did not know her that well.. but from what i did.. i knew that girl was kool… that she was a good person… and i wish i would of know her more… and that she would of known me… it sucks that people get burned when they take initiative and make changes to be better as a person… laura needed to not be around that asshole… she needed be free… she deserves better…. and now its too late… she will miss out on so much… and that fucken dick better rot in hell… laura had something sweet about her, she had a spark, a smile and a face that would make anyone just feel good inside… i enjoyed just being around her… she had an aura that would just make me get goose bumps… i always thought it was kool that alley was good friends with her… and that jordan had a crush on her.. and that… i think i did too… i’ll miss her man… i’ll miss that i missed out on getting to know her better… this is fucked up man…. the first murder of 2005 in london was a girl so interconnected with me… and that the murderer was too… this truly sucks… and i hope larua will connect with someone… and inspire them to make all the right decisions…. her angel will make a difference… it will, she will, i want to believe that is the only way… love is equal to hate and that is shit… fuck hate…

laura, cheers, and i dunno what else to say, but here’s a hug, one that feels so comforting, meaningful, and right. my heart, arms, thoughts and feelings out to you. candles are lighten and memories remembered and will always be remembered. peace girl. < hug >

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