vanilla sky

this is an image snaped at the top of grouse mountain overlooking the city of vancouver.

hmm, i need a way to intergrate images into this blog without not really needing reflect on the photo, but allowing you guys to… hmm.. flickr does this but.. hmm.. i want something more home brew and in my control… and so far i have only set up gallery…. so the pictures go through this process: real life, to camera, to iphoto, to gallery, to here… kinda long and there should be a more simple way. ideally i want my blog to have a side bar of images, that automatically appear at random (or even in chronological order), and yeah.. you click the image.. and you can then comment on it… and read a description of the image if one is provided… i dunno, i’ll figure something out… kuz i want this blog to still be largely text based.. maybe i just need to use flickr for my photos… well the ones i want to share… i can still archive with gallery…

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