good friends just know

yup, to follow up, what can i say; i can’t tell if people are genuine or not. looks like dre has backed out on me with regards to going to the Black Mountain show tonight. i guess in the back of my mind i already knew he would, but i just wanted to believe that he would be kool enough to actual do something with me that i wanted to do – considering i have no friends in this fucken city besides him. i dunno, it just makes me angry that he will go out of his way to entertain his new friends, but wont even go to some chill show with me. now the only reason i know about the black mountain show tonight is because of Mitch, who is actually pretty kool. she has been more than helpful and seems to be good friend material. but still she can’t be one of the boys, and i guess neither can dre. now to my boys back home… i wish you were here dudes, you’d all enjoy the show tonight… and we’d have such a good time. miss ya guys. cheers.

UPDATE 20:14: ok, so dre’s group meeting just cancelled for tonight, and he just offered to go again, so i guess he just had his priorities set, which i can’t really hold against him. so off to black mountain i go, hope it’s a good show. peace.

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