a haircut in kitsilano

so today, i suddenly obtained this burst of energy. i got a haircut (finally), made some lasagne, did all my laundry, cleaned my room, obtained a bit more furniture, finished a report for work, did some web site updates, made some phone calls and the list goes on. so overall today was quite productive… i even tried out my new electric shaver… which i have been reluctant to use out of fear… and guess what.. my apprehension was not unfounded… it just chewed the shit out of my neck.. so i don’t know if i’ll use it again and if there is even actually an advantage to use it… i know your skin takes some time to get used to it.. but i don’t know if it is quicker/easier or not.. so i dunno.

Wing Dreamer

..aahhh…..the butterflies are gradually returning from their journey within….

2005.03.02 5:07 pm

yeah.. there are no butterflies.. just shorter hair.

2005.03.02 10:18 pm

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