walk around the block

so last night, i did end up going for a walk (thanks gerald), and i kinda ended up at the urban well and luckily it was improv nite. it was kool to see a bunch of people just make up jokes on the fly and to watch the different plots build out. it would be fun to do with a bunch of friends, just as it was fun to watch. i also talked to quite a few interesting people, which is what normally happens when one sits at the bar. theories on why people speak at different speeds, selling bootlegs fragrances, the name ‘joey’ and joey potter, living without television, ‘ordering fourteen martinis’, ‘who didn’t cut the limes’, etc, etc, etc. tonight, who knows what’s on the agenda, maybe some cleaning, some cooking, some desperate housewives, some family guy and probably a walk around the block.

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