“no really, you need it”

wow, yesterday was such a good days. it all started in the morning, where i felt kind of in my own little world.. yet, while walking to the bus stop, eye contact was made with many people and smiles happened all the way. by the time i got to work, i just felt like something was different. then at work, the morning tossed a torrent of problems directly at me, which through an elevated stress level and the use of many communication tools, i was able to completely resolve by days end. then, on the bus home, the conversation i started, which included topics such as bad breathe, wine, art history and pauly shore, was a pleasant change and by the time i got home my day was absolutely peaking, at which time i prepared to head down to false creek and try out dragon boating for the first time with chris and nonie. it was pretty kool, a bunch of people in a boat, paddling in sync, 6-10-then something else… it was pretty intense trying to keep in rhythm but i think it did pretty good. anyways, i am still pretty indifferent with the sport, and not quite sure if i’ll do it again, or if i should just go try something else again… anyways, i need to get my ass to the office to finish up a few things, before we head down to spanish banks for a little mexican bbq…

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