yvr to yyz

well folks, the time has come to confirm my highly rumored and fervently anticipated return to the second-largest area and most populous province in canada. i’ll be arriving at yyz on september 30th and returning to yvr on october 16th… 15 whole days!! this should give me nearly enough time to visit with everyone who misses me dearly… i kinda wish i was leaving tomorrow, since i am well in need and overdue for some holidays… but oh well, before i know it, i’ll away from work… sitting in my old bedroom with my dial-up internet, and old cd collection; driving my audi 100 around on the open road; chillin’ with all my pals, catching up on the last year, sharing some drinks and laughs; enjoying thanksgiving with my family, eating some turkey, and dealing with ‘the usual’; and well, overall, having a great two weeks back home.

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