enhance your calm, velkr0.

ok today i realized that i am way over worked, and there is nothing i can do to catch up, besides temporarily halt (or at least strictly limit) the addition of any new tasks. it is not that i haven’t been able to successfully switch between the many thousand tasks i do each day, or not be able to prioritize accordingly… it’s just that there are too many things that i have to do… shit, i woke up this morning, and the absolute second thing i did was make a to-do list for the day.. and looking at it right now… there are still 7 things of high priority that should have been accomplished today, but were bumped because they were not as important as the other 16. ohh, and btw, tomorrow, ‘eat lunch’ is going on my list.

now, i guess it is september and well this is a busy time for us folks in education, and combine that with the the fact i have been without a holiday (excluding the couple of days i took in july – see enjoy the ride) since last christmas!!! anyways, i am fairly confident that this excessive workload will pass within the next few weeks and then everything will be a-ok again… but for now, i’ll just have to continue to plow through the piles of sticky notes, to-do text files, and of course all those flagged emails.. and see what i can pull off besides the last few chunks of my hair.

be well.

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