tropical plants

over the past week.. i have purchased a few things for my apartment to make it seem, umm, less institutional… i’ve picked up a few tropical plants for the living room, some baskets for the bathroom and a few posters for the walls… and now.. this flat of mine feels just a tad more homier (even though i have never had plants, baskets, or posters in my home before).


Aren’t you concerned that with your upcoming trip back to the homeland that your plants may not survive your absence?

2005.09.22 1:44 pm

YES!! i am totally worried, but at the same time i am confident they will survive the drought if i slightly over-water them on the day i leave.. or maybe it might be best to create some kind of contraption that will release the right about amount of water at a designated time.. hmmm…

2005.09.22 2:15 pm

Just be careful that your contraption doesn’t overflow and drip water over your balcony!

2005.09.22 5:55 pm

lmao!!! good one!!! tying the previous ‘skits’ into this one!! that’s quality man!

2005.09.22 6:38 pm

You know, you could always get someone in your neighborhood to water the plants.

Just a suggestion. :p

– m

2005.09.22 7:51 pm

Wing Dreamer

Fill your bathtub with water, and if your containers have drainage holes then you have nothing to worry about. The plants will take as much water as they need while in the tub. If the containers do not have drainage holes, then insert a sharp object into the bottom to make 4 or 5 breathing holes and put them into the bathtub. Remember to keep the washroom door open.

2005.09.29 7:10 pm

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