tonight: fried chicken

so ever since i have been back in vancouver.. i’ve been trying to develop ‘that relationship’, which you so often see on tv, with the girl at the coffee shop… but since i am normally very out of it in the morning and that people’s shifts tend change all the time… it’s been somewhat difficult.. however, enter the ‘grocery store’… it is normally a daily visit, there’s plenty of time to talk to the clerk, and you actually have something to talk about that you both know – the food yer buying! so anyways.. to make a long story short.. i found me a grocery store girl about 5 days ago.. and she has grown with me, through halloween, my creative meals of the past few nights and my great personality which always shines when i sign my name on that thermal credit card slip.. but of course.. today, with my most daring meal yet (fried chicken), she informs me that today is her last day.. and that i’ll have to go visit her at starbucks to tell her how the chicken turned out.. so i guess if you think about it… this could turn into the perfect little tv-like coffee shop scenario… but it won’t kuz well.. the one she is going to be working at is way to far away (in pedestrian terms).. so i guess i’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.. where the adventure to find the next kool grocery store girl begins..

btw.. the chicken.. proved to be more difficult that i thought.. however, rest assured, my smoke alarm does indeed work and that round two of the chicken.. was perfectly delicious….

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