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welcome to the newly rethemed this new design is a bit more stylish and funky… and does kool things like daily background image changes… and dragable menus that are transparent and float… but unfortunately there are still issues… like if yer using ie you probably don’t have any navigation right now.. so… $solution=’run out and buy yourself a mac’; .. and use safari… or be patient.. as i work out all the bugs…

update 2005-11-07 21:15: back to the old theme for now… the ie problems were just too much.. i should really get a windows box to test with.. naaa.. nevermind..


wow… i can’t wait to see a new background… cause this one’s fugly… and i kinda wish it would remember where i put the menus… i also wish i had two extra thumbs… so i could give this site 4 thumbs down!… just kidding… i’m just jealous cause it would take me way too long to figure out floating menus… go lions go!

2005.11.07 3:29 pm


three letters: VPC.

it’s like windows, but disposable.

2005.11.08 8:27 pm


Guess what boss??

This stylesheet looks shitty in IE too!

fucking fix it.

2005.11.28 9:32 pm


i LOVE it! its like total chaos with every click! ANARCHY AT ITS FINEST! its BRILLIANT! oh joey, you are so smart! good work buddy! 😛

2005.11.28 11:20 pm

what’s shity about it?!?! leave some constructive feedback next time.. simply bitching… is not very productive..

2005.11.28 11:19 pm

yeah… it is pretty crazy with nearly everything changing on each click.. but.. me thinks, me likes it.. it still needs some tweaks.. but yeah, it’s now ready for prime time.. we’ll just call it ‘beta’ like the rest of the world… < cough > google < /cough >

2005.11.28 11:30 pm


maybe he doesn’t like the retro-ish background ?
i like it, i like how it changes all the time (i like the candy pink theme)…i use IE..
but i dont appreciate the effort u put into it as much as i probably should (‘cos i wouldnt have a clue how to do this)

2005.11.30 12:05 am

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