there is just something about this ‘poem’ that i adore.. check it out.. it’s from the film ‘me and you and everyone we know‘…. it’s just kinda misquoted….

i going to be free,
and i going to be brave,
and i going to live each day,
as if it were my last.
with grace.

and in the dark of the night,
and it does get dark,
when i call a name,
it will be your name.
what’s your name?

lets go,
even though we’re scared,
kuz it’s life,
and it’s happening,
it’s really really happening,
right now.


On your poem & depression. I was listening to a show a couple of days ago, and someone said one factor that might contribute to depression or perhaps just sadness is that people are not living in the ‘now’ but are always thinking about ‘past’ and ‘future’. They did go on to say that u still should think about these things but just not dwell on them & to learn from your past and plan for your future. A fine balance perhaps.

2005.12.12 9:58 pm

Strangely enough I understood the poem.

2005.12.16 5:34 pm

Frank Pan

hey, this is from Me and You and Everyone Else We Know.

2005.12.28 12:16 pm

hey! i’m a Spanish guy and I’ve just come along ur blog… and i really like it! 😀 just wanted to say that

2006.03.25 11:03 am

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