licence to panic

Well, I did it… I finally stopped stalling and got me a BC driver’s licence.. And as a result, I have never been so nervous in my life… It feels like I have some how given up eight years of meticulous efforts of avoiding being fined for performing, even a single, traffic infraction or for needing to make an at-fault claim. I have worked hard and earned my status back in Ontario, and well, now that I have a BC licence, I fear my efforts will somehow become devalued.

It’s not that I am paranoid about any aspect of my actual licence or class… as I am confident that the provinces communicate these things somehow.. but rather the insurance ‘status’ that I may lose. Back in Ontario.. the insurance companies some how worked together and had a way of finding out everything about you.. but here in BC.. I don’t know if ICBC ‘talks’ to the other companies kuz they don’t need to here… since ICBC is the only auto insurance provider in this province…

Now, ICBC does say they will accept original letters from past insurance companies ensuring my claim-free status and perfect driving record.. but, this process allows for a margin of error beyond with what I am comfortable with… grrr.. can’t everything just be hooked up together!! eff! Can’t I simply have a record that I can not run from?!!? 😛

Yes, there are many more complications, such as me owning/insuring a car that lives in another province, and if I can continue to do this while holding a BC licence… etc.. but I guess Paula (the best insurance agent in the world) will answer these questions for me soon enough…

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