(un)intentional self-satire

really who needs to go out?… when you can sit here in front of the computer each and every day for at least 16 hours… really? do people actually need social contact, meaningful relationships, shared experiences, and all the other so called wonderful things that happen out there in the traditional/offline world…. like seriously!?!? who wouldn’t want to sit alone in the dark in an overpriced downtown vancouver apartment while sipping on warm canned beer and writing a self-mocking blog entry for all to read?… and… really… who needs a life outside of work? or friends? like why would anyone want to do something “fun” on the weekend? why not just sit around and do the same shit over and over… and over… and slowly start to feel sorry for yourself… i hear it’s fun… i swear… shit, everyone should try it!! just make sure you get yourself some really high-speed internet and a pretty fast computer and you’ll be set!! your life will be complete and totally happy!! nothing could be better than reading the same news headlines over and over in one of your many rss readers… or checking your own music stats on… shit, the best part of doing all this is… the freedom that you’ll gain!! you will be able to do whatever you want!! you can do things like search for anything your little, unused and empty heart desires on ‘popular’ sites like google or yahoo or wikipedia!! and if yer really feeling happy and complete, you can even modify entries on wikipedia that you think you know the most about… like being a fat lazy ass, with no friends, no life, and nothing progressive, fun or rewarding to do on a friday nite…

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