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i feel rather lost sitting here without a defined goal in mind. wait let me rephrase that… i feel rather lost sitting here without a defined strategy on how to achieve my long-term goals in the most pleasant and efficient way in mind… (ie. a wife, kids, house, waterfront cottage, boat, a need for car(s), power tools, an important career, etc…)

right now, i am simply going with the flow.. and basically that means every weekday i rudely awake from my quite entertaining dreams, have a shower, grab a coffee, jump on at least one bus and eventually end up at my designated work area… but amongst all this routine i also experience a few pleasant surprises… and it’s these small phenomena that remind me of how awesome it is to be me and what life is all about! but at work, you see… i have no idea what the next step is… and as time goes on i find myself getting trapped doing mundane tasks that any well-trained monkey could do while smoking a fine imported cigar.

but yeah.. the work stuff will be easy to figure out.. i just need to sit down and think about what’s next, what i need to do to successfully accomplish this, flag these as goals, and start to work towards them (while somehow shifting the banal tasks away from me)… i don’t really anticipate much opposition from above… however, there always could be…

now on to the wife and kids… and well the kids part can be easy and fun… but must wait until i can find someone who i can totally count on and who can complement me in nearly every way. this is going to be a tough one… since this perfect person is no where to be found.. wait there she is… no.. that was just a warm breeze…

now you know, it’s not so bad having the leisure to simply ignore planning for the future or how i am going to pay for rent, etc… but it just seems so foreign to me not to already have a short-term strategy implemented to maximize my long-term potential. hmmm… maybe it’s about time i find a mentor (or possibly a therapist – thanks for the suggestion leona, haha)… because i’m sick of figuring everything out on my own…

2006-06-03 14:35 UPDATE: ohh neat.. i guess the planets (rather their transits) do control my life… check out my horoscope!

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