like a million bucks!

ahhh.. saturday morning afternoon after an evening out at the cellar with my old roomie… and all that remains is the gut rot i am enduring caused by the unnecessary mcdonalds and all that guinness (and red wine) i was consuming… so, in an effort to combat this hardship, i have made myself a caffè americano that i am drinking out of my shiny new travel mug which so far is working out quite well… it has a 360° drinking lid, which lets me drink from anywhere around the lid (just like you would from a normal non-travel mug) as well as, double wall insulation and a guaranteed leak-proof design… anyways, we’ll see how it holds up during my daily commute, when i am lugging around at least 15″ of powerbook, while listening to my ipod, trying to fold up my umbrella, so i can cram myself onto a bus with 120 other wet people, right before i whip out a book to read, while i sip on my preferred hot beverage of the morning and avoid spilling it on myself or others… haha.. we’ll see! anyways… the gut rot is almost gone now… just need to make myself some breakfast to close the deal, and let the day begin!

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