true story.

so over the last month.. i have been all over the place.. first starting in chicago… where i attended a conference and overall had a great time… many exciting things happened like:

  • meeting my real life next door neighbour from vancouver – true story.
  • bar hopping and being silly with dan and jordan – thanks dudes.
  • eating chicago-style pizza, great steak, and of course conference food.

from chicago i moved on to ontario.. where some activities included:

  • killing the bottle of cognac i got at duty-free at my dad’s with janet
  • reuniting with many of my old coworkers from western (andrei, andrew, chan, diane, jeff, michelle, nick)
  • bbqing chicken, corn and potatoes in allison’s backyard
  • meeting crissy (my only and awesome longtime internet pal) while enjoying dan and matt’s jam session… ohh and canoeing on uncle rick’s pond
  • boating in the rain and many attempts at water skiing with andrei, his brother, and allison
  • attending a blue jays vs yankees game with my mom and dan
  • hanging out in the backwoods of scarborough with dan and leif
  • getting lost in the niagara region, while wine tasting and stopping for a break in the park at the falls
  • seeing and critiquing my dad’s new house with my sister
  • eating hot wings and playing with remote controlled fans with kelly
  • enjoying the ultimate feast at red lobster with my mom, sister and allison
  • chatting and playing devils advocate with lindsey until the early am
  • drinking with jason and allison on a roof top patio.
  • losing at everything at jordan and lauren’s stag ‘n doe, except for the ‘guess the number of kisses’ that i co-won with phearum
  • cruising around taking photos with jeff and jenn

ohh and since i have been back home…

  • andrew and my mom have been sharing my living room – thanks steph for the air mattress. you’re the ….est!
  • partied at my neighbour’s and went to honey with andrew, cameron and lauren.
  • took a coop car in for tire repairs
  • went apartment hunting with/for andrew
  • developed a theory on the break-in that happened 2 doors over
  • went to playland with cameron and kicked his ass at mini-putt

anyways.. there is so much more that i have not included… but hopefully, years from now.. this will be sufficient to remember the best parts of july 2006!!

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