well i have an interview on tuesday… this is my last chance to score a full time position with out ending up with any down time. this job is a job i deserve and that i can do. when looking at the other employees, they don’t have the skill, dedication, knowledge that i have. i can be a productive employee, i can produce results and through this i can be paid well, get some benefits so i can goto the fucken dentist and start my self-sufficient lifestyle. it just bothers me when shit sucks… like today.. i am working with a full time person, making about 56k and he is asking me for help… he needs me to do simple shit that he was hired for… my 12/hour has to do this… why? kuz i decided to take some initiative a while back… and i can’t leave this project dead… i need to pass it on to someone and get someone to set it up (for now and the future)…. so… yeah… i will be fine once i score a job, where i either have respect, monetary compensation, or well… actually both! i hope this weekend pisses me off enough to come through brilliantly on tuesday… damn… i should be updating my resume right now and making a fucken portfolio…

April 3, 2006
Have you gone to the dentist yet?

2006.04.03 6:52 pm

nope.. anyone know of any friendly and reputable dentists in vancouver?

2006.04.03 7:09 pm

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