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a matter of kool… a matter of not ‘draining’ you. draining now there’s a word that i learned from my mom. when someone drains someone they take their energy. they can consume it all, and typically this energy becomes wasted by being used on selfish or unnecessary problems…. draining is always a negative thing… it defiantly not sharing, or encouragement… i can deal with people who drain others, but not when i need to be around someone who can do the opposite of drain… i need to think of a word that can describe that action… its got to be a word that means care, listen, fun, share, encourage, happy, and benevolent. this word is:

Hot Mama

how about the word rejuvanate or maybe something like enegize?

2004.09.11 10:41 pm

almost… those words are good but…. but when you look at the words by themselves its more or less just the opposite of drain… the word i am looking has to be more then that… its has to imply care, listen, fun, share, encourage, happy, and benevolent… of course it has to be the opposite of drain too…

2004.09.12 11:06 am



2004.10.20 3:24 pm

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