common phrases

are you a slashdot reader? are you an addict? if you you may be accustomed to the following phrases on the top of your slashdot page.

– Have you Meta Moderated recently? Regular Meta Moderators are more likely to get mod points.
– You have 5 Moderator Points! Use ’em or lose ’em!
– The next Slashdot story will be ready soon, but subscribers can beat the rush and see it early!

i used to like meta moderating… it was like.. hey i am almost a geek… and then one day.. i got real mod points.. and i knew i was a geek… i always made sure to use them all up… and now… nothing… i simple ignore these common phrases (unless i blog about them)…

now really who would subscribe to slashdot… really do you really get to know something before someone else if you subscribe? no you don’t… even you you did.. who cares… it’s like a 4 minute delay… but in reality you never will kuz slashdot is like a blog of other news stories from other sites… so if you read every site on the internet you can know stuff even before the slashdot subscribers… another good site.. that is kinda of fun once and a while is… fark is huge… not as big as slashdot..and its readers don’t matter as much… but its still kool…

slashdot readers are loyal man… .they post… they critique… they create community… the internet is kinda neat that way… community… something that dies in the suburbs of life… something consumerism kills… but online community is king!! thanks slashdot… and of course my reader(s)!!! i know yer there… you just prefer to read and not be involved.. thats kool… but really feel free to leave a comment…

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