one relatively [in]expensive tit

if you think back, way back in time, like i mean, way way back… back to february 1st 2004…. you may recall seeing an unusual event on your television screen… you may of seen a female breast exposed on american network television… and this tends to be a rare event… mainly because americans have stronger indecency rules than canadians (merely an observation of mine based on seeing tits on canadian tv)… and you know americans.. they get tough (or tuff) on crime… so guess what… viacom has now been fined for this ‘wardrobe malfunction’… that’s right… fined… viacom one of the worlds largest media conglomerates has been issued the largest penalty ever levied against a TV broadcaster… a whooping $550,000 US… all i can say is ‘big deal’… first of all.. it was just a tit… sure it was exposed during the most watched television event of the year… but hey it’s just a tit… also… do americans regulators think a fine.. the largest one ever.. will prevent this from happening again? hell no… viacom/CBS have a huge bankroll and received huge press… and plus.. who doesn’t like to see a tit…. ok fine… let’s focus here… let’s actually determine if viacom in simplest terms will suffer a loss due to the fine… here’s the math:

1 tit * 2 seconds = $550,000
cost per second = $275,00

1 superbowl commercial * 30 seconds = $2,250,000
revenue per second = $75,000

CBS only needed to sell commercial time for approximately 3.67 seconds to cover this fine.

i don’t have any stats on the number of commercials aired during the superbowl, or how much the NFL charged CBS for the rights, but you get my drift… $550,000 is small beans… and as a matter of fact so is janet’s tit.

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