‘real’ dreams

Damn, it’s morning already, and I just started to have some good dreams. My curiosity of where these dreams are heading begin to battle with my body, which is saying ‘get the fuck up, you lazy ass’. Of course the harsh reality is that these dreams never start until about 11AM (local time). You know these dreams will continue to be good, so you give it all, to try to stay asleep. You pretend to enjoy the sun shining in your eyes, the roofers banging, and of course the phone ringing. Your imagination starts to take over the subconscious dream creation process, and you start to conceive a fantasy world. Then it kicks in, you realize that you are no longer dreaming anymore, and you wake up and go ‘damn’….

So you then, ponder your dream, and you try to determine if you can make it real… you then come to the realization that you can’t and you adopt the attitude of “it was only a dream”… you brush it off like it cannot become real, simply because it was once not real… Dreams just like everything else, start as not being ‘real’… you cannot perceive them directly through your senses – they start in your mind. Creativity, ambition, happiness, love, etc… all begin in the mind. Well actually they are always in the mind, they only become ‘real’ when you act on them via some surrogate object or event. This is the only way people can experience these with their senses. Dreams are the same way, you can’t make a dream ‘real’ but you have the power to create situations where you can experience the feelings felt during the dream. You know you have the ability to do this because “it once was a dream”.


Dear Joey.
After reading your insights about dreams I was not only amused but realized that you are one of the new, evolved humans that will contribute to the changes coming in this society. Dreams come to us with messages from our subconscious and believe it or not we are living in this other reality simultaneously. When we are in a conscious state our ego gets in the way and we block ourselves from reaching that level of pure energy that is totally ecstatic. Yes we can duplicate how we felt in a dream but when we are asleep or at least in an alpha state our mind “ego” is not there with all those little negative remarks. The reason we hate to awaken from that state is because we as humans have not been able to achieve that bliss in an awakened state successfully yet but we are getting there. Our mind which is linear needs structures to work within. Dreams need no structure, we float from one scene to another remaining unattached. The day will come when we will evolve into a people that won’t have to think, we will just know. Knowing is through the senses, the 6th sense, intuition. The state of mind creates your happiness, sadness etc. The mind triggers your emotions and your emotions spur you into action. A dream is “real”, it is your “other” self experiencing it, the self that cannot possibly survive without an ego. Meditation puts you in a dream state. Meditation happens when you get lost in something you love to do or if you just lie there with your eyes closed without the mental chatter. If it once was a dream and you want to reproduce it, then you already know how without thinking about it. A fan

2004.10.04 8:04 pm

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